Top 5 work from home YouTube playlists

While working or trying to concentrate, some of us prefer absolute silence, while others feel more comfortable with some noise in the background. Personally, I spend about 80% of my time at work in silence, but every now and again, I like to put something on in the background, and it just lift’s my mood. 

There are all kinds of background noise, ranging from recordings of coffee shops, offices or the streets, to digitally generated soundscapes, designed to engage and stimulate your brain. 

Here are my go to picks when I feel the need to get some sound in my life:

5. One Hour of HQ Coffee Shop Background Noise

Falling more in the ambient side of the spectrum, sometimes it’s nice to have some low intensity sounds that fade into the background. This coffee shop background noise is perfect when I just need something to break the silence.

4. Classical Music for Relaxation

Classical Music.  Love it or hate it, this playlist is some of the finest, chilled out ambient music that does an amazing job at fading into the background but constantly reminding you it’s there. I can’t help but feel relaxed , focussed and inspired when this playlist is on.

3. Good Vibes! A Happy Indie/Pop/Folk Playlist

This playlist works equally well on Monday morning as Friday afternoon, dull winter day or summer afternoon at lifting your spirits and giving you a boost! This is not something I can listen to when I actively need to concentrate, but for those repetitive tasks where I can disengage my brain, this playlist is just the thing.

2. Back To The 80's | Marvel83 Edition | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix

You don’t have to remember the 1980’s to appreciate the dark, driving, relentless, rhythmic bass lines, sprinkled with repetitive synthisizer hooks to really get you in the zone and immerse you. 
The tempo is perfect for me to lose myself and work to beat. It’s not until the playlist finishes you feel you’ve finally come up for air.

1. Lowfi Hip Hop Radio

There’s a reason why this is is one of the most long running live stream videos on YouTube and listened to by millions around the world.  It has been studied, imitated, banned and reborn. I’m listening to it right now as I’m writing this post.

The music is slow paced 
meandering medley of washed out, faded jazz and funk samples, with faux pops and crackles set to a hip hop style beat and its repetitious loops draw you deeper and deeper into its world. 

LowFi at it’s best has its own feeling and sense of soul and its easy to get lost for hours deep in your work, like the girl perpetually studying in the video.

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