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Ergonomic desk setup

do you spend more hours at your desk each day? do you experience back, neck or shoulder pain and endure through? you need to know about chair ergonomics!

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the design of furtniture and equipment and how it can be used in a comfortable and safe way. It’s main focus is providing a more natural way to work, adapting your body and reducing stress on your joints, ultimately giving you happier and healthier environment to work in.
You may have seen the articles or news reports claiming that sitting is as bad as smoking , and while I don’t quite believe it’s that bad, being a developer, and having suffered from back pain for many years, I know first hand how painful it can be when your setup is working against your body’s natural position.

How can an ergonomic chair help me?

Here are my top three reasons why I think why a good office chair can change your life:

  1. It can help to reduce back pain: A correctly positioned ergonomic office chair will support your body and allow your spine to be in a more position for longer periods of time, reducing strain on on the muscles and nerves in your back.
  2. It can help to reduce neck stress: If you are sitting in the wrong position for long periods of time, the weight of your head can gradually stress the muscles your neck and shoulders, leading to soreness and potentially forms of muscle strains and nerve damage.
  3. It can help to reduce pressure on your hips and bum: When you’re sitting down for any length of time, the joints around your hips are constantly under pressure and can cause discomfort or damage. Also with a seat that’s too thin, you can put pressure on your bum and thighs.

There are tons of ergonomic chairs on the market. It can be tricky navigating the psudo sciency claims, over zealous, over promising marketing to find a good chair, but I’ve put together a quick guide of what I look for in a good chair.


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