Logitech C930-E Business Webcam

I bought my Logitech webcam a while before working from home, to make video calls with my US colleagues a more high quality experience instead of using the horrible built in laptop camera. 


The C930-E is on the more premium end of consumer/Business webcams, and its advertised with features such as HDR, 4x digital zoom and remote control pan and can record/stream at 1080p 30fps 

The quality is pretty good, as good as I would expect from a webcam anyway, and it’s served me well for the couple of years I’ve been using it.
Its a 1080p HD camera and when the lighting is right, can give a very crisp and clean image, but it can at a moment’s notice completely over or underexpose the image.

It comes equipped with “Rightlight 2” technology, which is supposed to help produce bright, well contrasted images by using light correction and autofocus. For my set up, my back is to my patio doors, which constantly floods the room with back light, so it’s a particularly challenging situation for the camera to handle, but on the whole does a pretty good job!

If I’m slouching too low in my chair, the camera struggles to get the balance right and focuses on the window, which is fair enough, and encourages me to sit up, so I’ll call that a win…

Also, it supposedly has a 4x zoom, but either I haven’t figured out how that’s supposed to work, or It’s just not that great. In meetings with my camera on my monitor around arm’s length away, I felt like I was quite far away in the frame. I made a little hinging mechanism out of my son’s Meccano set and taped it to the monitor so I could physically bring the camera closer to me, which was a huge improvement. (As an aside, I’ve actually grown quite attached to the Macgyvered contraption and think it adds a bit of personality to my setup!)


The audio on the C930-E is a bit hit and miss. I’m generally in a perfectly silent room, but even sitting 50cm (1.6ft) my colleagues can struggle to hear what I’m saying, often reporting that it sounds like I’m far away. Again, I’ll use my Meccano mechanism to bring it closer and the quality is “fine” nothing compared to an actual microphone set up, but serviceable for Zoom calls. If I’m recording tutorials or videos, I would definitely use an external microphone over the in-built mic.


One thing I love about the C930-E is that it comes with a physical lens cover. I’m always uneasy when there’s a camera around, even when it’s supposed to be off. This simple little addition really makes me feel more relaxed and is a clear indicator that no one is spying on me, or if I’m in a call with no video and forget to switch my camera off! 


I picked this camera up from Amazon for £136, which felt a quite steep, especially as there are other camera’s out there with seemingly equivalent specs for half the price, but when I would be using this on an almost daily basis, I wanted to make sure I got a camera that would not only be from a reputable brand such as Logitech, but the quality would be consistent and would last me for years.



In conclusion, I think the Logitech C930-E is a great camera, with crisp, 1080p HD images, good autofocus and auto light levels, but can struggle in particularly low light settings, such as early morning or night. And comes with the Privacy cover, which I love – I would recommend!